Membership Rules

Westie LETS Membership Rules

1. Westie LETS is a non-profit membership society. It is organised by the Westie LETS Organising Group, which acts on behalf of the members. It is a project of West Watford Community Association (WWCA). All members of Westie LETS are members of WWCA and should comply with its Aims, Objectives and Policies.

2. Westie LETS provides an information service through which members can exchange goods and services. It maintains a central account of that exchange for the benefit of the members.

3. Membership of Westie LETS is open to those aged 18 or over and living in Vicarage Ward, West Watford.

4. The joining fee is currently £5. The Organising Group may change this amount in the future in consultation with WWCA’s Trustees. The Organising Group will give one month’s notice of any change to the joining fee.

5. Members agree that Westie LETS may hold the following personal information: name, address, telephone number, email address, offers and wants, and trading balance.

These details are only available to the Organising Group. Information available to other members on the website and in the Directory of Services will be name, street name, telephone and email.

6. The Westie LETS mailing list will only be available to members of the Organising Group and may only be used for activities directly related to the administration of the Westie LETS scheme.

7. Members agree to keep their own passwords secure and not to reveal other members' details to non-members; to keep their personal information up to date; to record their own transactions and notify the Organising Group of these transactions promptly.

8. Members may give or receive from one another credit in units called Westies. This is recorded centrally and available on the Westie LETS website. Only the account holder can authorise the transfer of units from her/his account to that of another member.

9. The standard work rate is 10 Westies per hour. Terms and trading rates must be clearly agreed by both parties before a trade is commenced. No member is obliged to accept any particular invitation to trade, or to engage in any transaction whatsoever with other members.

10. Westie LETS and the Organising Group accept no liability for loss or injury suffered by any person as a result of the provision of goods or services of any kind whatsoever under the scheme.

11. Westie LETS publishes a directory of resources and services made available by members but, as with any directory or newspaper, cannot be held responsible for the quality of goods and services on offer.

Westie LETS accepts no responsibility as to the standard or quality of services or items traded. Members should seek to determine for themselves the quality or standard of work offered before agreeing a trade.

A model trading contract is downloadable from the website if appropriate. Members should check their trading partner’s qualifications, insurance and DBS status where applicable e.g. when requesting childcare. When hiring equipment, the lender should ensure the equipment is in good safe condition. The lender should also provide a demonstration and an instruction manual where possible. The borrower should return the equipment in good condition.

12. Members are individually responsible for their own tax liabilities and returns. Westie LETS has no liability to claims for tax on participants, and has no obligation or liability to report to the tax authorities or collect taxes on their behalf.

13. All accounts start at zero but once the joining fee of £5 has been received, each member’s account will be activated and credited with 10 Westies.

Members do not need to have Westies in their account to start trading - being in debt is not frowned upon but if a member's account goes into debit by more than 250 Westies, the members should contact an Organising Group member to discuss the matter.

14. No money is deposited into or issued from the LETS accounts. Members may only engage in transactions in Westies. If a service involves paying for materials, travel or other out of pocket expenses, the provider can charge for these items in pounds sterling. However, only Westies are recorded on the LETS accounts.

15. On leaving Westie LETS, members with commitments outstanding are encouraged to balance their account. They should contact a member of the Organising Group if this is difficult to do.

16. To encourage members to trade and to have confidence in the service provider they want to approach, any member can contact the Organising Group for a summary of the service provider’s trading history.

17. The Organising Group may re-edit or decline to record a trade, offer or want entry or a directory entry if it is considered inappropriate for legal or other reasons.

18. Work carried out for Westie LETS by the Organising Group or other volunteers will be paid in Westies.

19. Members have the right and are encouraged to attend any meeting of the Organising Group, and to participate in decision-making. All members have a single vote. All decisions are subject to endorsement by WWCA Trustees.

20. The Organising Group may seek an explanation from any member whose activity or behaviour is causing concern. It may suspend membership and, in the last resort, may remove a member from the scheme on the same grounds.

21. These Membership Rules give members the right to call a meeting of the Organising Group or to request mediation when disputes or complaints arise.

22. The Organising Group reserve the right to deny membership in exceptional circumstances at their discretion.

23. In case of serious dispute, the matter will be referred to WWCA Trustees.

24. Members agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

Membership of Westie LETS implies acceptance of the conditions of these Membership Rules.