Westie Wedding

Steve & LisaCongratulations to Steve and Lisa who married on 17th May.  Steve is a WWCA Trustee and Lisa  a member of the Organising Group for Westie LETS.  We wish them both well for their future together.

Launch of Westie Lets

The official Launch party for Westie LETS was held at the West Watford Community Centre on the evening of Thursday 21 March 2013.  Nearly 30 Westie LETS members got together to have a drink and a chat and get to know one another.

Thank you to some of our volunteer bakers - Jean, Lisa, Nivi, Nitila and Rita – who made delicious savoury dishes for the occasion.  Members now know how good their cooking is so don’t forget to use their skills if you are looking for a cook to trade with.

Thank you also to Denise of Tapestry Cakes in Market Street who donated a scrumptious celebration cake decorated with our Westie LETS logo.







Regular monthly Talk & Trade meetings are held at the Community Centre, details are elsewhere on the website – potential new members are always welcome to come along and find out more.


Launch of Westie LETS Website

The Westie LETS website has been constructed by Andy Goodall of Leftspace ( and was launched on 21 March.  The website has a password protected area for members and enables them to search for wants and offers, to add and amend their own information, to trade with other members and pay for trades in Westies.

Those members without IT skills will of course continue to receive a hard copy of the Directory of Goods & Services and can pay for their trades using paper Westie cheques.

Andy Goodall and his colleague Martin from Leftspace are based in Wolverhampton.  They travelled down to Watford on Saturday 13 April to provide a day’s training on use of the website for some Organising Group members.

Thank you to Andy Goodall for his help and patience in constructing a website which is easy to use and provides things we didn’t know we wanted.